April 21: Host Nicholas B. Morris and featuring Brian Dickson!

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nick morrisHost Nicholas B. Morris! 

Nick Morris has been many things: a grocery bagger, a knife salesman, an oil company stooge, and even one of those annoying people who asks if you have a minute for the environment. (The environment people never paid him, by the way.) Now he spends a lot of time talking about Batman and rock music under the auspices of higher education. When he can, he writes stories, and reads them every month at the F-Bomb Reading Series. If you look at just the right time, you can probably catch him singing along to the radio in his car.

brianFeaturing Brian Dickson!  

Brian was born in the land of Pancho’s and Chico’s Tacos.  Fed a steady diet of Kraft cheese and “Where’s the beef?” ads he grew skinny.  So skinny, in fact, the wind blew him off the porch during home room in seventh grade when he went to shut the door.  It took years to shed the nickname Flaco until he discovered burritos–no more light shells.  He is in constant search of smothered burritos with better chile than Christmas in New Mexico.  Finally, he has grown strong in the burrito era.

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