October 15: Punketry at the Fbomb! With host Sarah Rodriquez and featuring Kenny White and Black Market Translation!

All shows begin at 7:30 at The Mercury Cafe, 2199 California St, Denver.
70962185_437746803530301_4985205228077842432_nHost Sarah Rodriquez! Sarah Rodriguez is a poet, educator, stage-practiced liar, bubblegum enthusiast, wine-led wanderer, failed manic pixie dream girl, Atlantic Ocean runaway, and the editor-in-chief of Punch Drunk Press. She organizes, hosts, and performs at arts events all over the Front Range, including Punketry. Her most recent publications include Spit Poet Zine and Stain’d Magazine.
19095500_1426459867419629_4351625244798012105_oFeaturing Black Market Translation! Black Market Translation was born from dirt protesting songs written at the Second Wave Council of Punklandia in 1577 fully formed with electric instruments for hands, lighters as eyeballs, and a head of firewood for brains. They immediately walked off stage and had bad band practices hidden under the bursting bombs of minor revolutions misunderstanding banned ideas for several centuries before finally being apprehended by the Boulder Police Department and sued for breach of contract by God. Here, as part of the terms and commandments of their sacred indentured servitude, they have been tasked with providing a concert for which they have Prepared Nothing. Please boo Black Market Translation until they are motivated enough to fuck off in your drink, and remember, you are equally free to dance or leave or piss or slam and scream at any time.
About Punketry: Local and traveling poets read their work alongside Black Market Translation, Denver’s finest improv psych punk. Punketry happens on the 2nd Tuesday of every month at Mutiny Information Cafe. Organized by Sarah Rodriguez of Punch Drunk Press and Matt Clifford of Black Market Translation, Punketry celebrated its second anniversary in June 2019 and has featured over 100 poets.

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