June 15 F-bomb, Hosted by Shelby Yaffe & Featuring Stina French and Tameca L. Coleman

June’s Theme! – Back to Normal
What does it really mean to go “Back to Normal,” not just in a post-lockdown world, but at any time when normal was taken from you?
When have you had your world rocked by grief, depression, loss, or illness, and needed to find a new normal?
What shape and form did the pain take as the world moved on around you? This FBomb will, as always, have open mic slots! Message this month’s host Shelby Yaffe to sign up for the open mic.

Join us on Zoom on Tuesday June 15 at 7:30 PM MDT!

Our Host:

Shelby Yaffe is a queer author, poet, and singer-songwriter living in Denver. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Suspect Press, South Broadway Ghost Society, and OutFront Magazine. She will always read third at events and she will write a poem for your girlfriend (if you pay her). Find her at shelbyyaffe.com.

Our Features:

Stina French

Stina French is a college instructor and performer who specializes in graphic representations of sexuality, repression, and the healing process. She writes erotic mystery, magic-realist flash memoir, and poetry. She’s featured in many Colorado venues, and her work has appeared in Jen Pastiloff’s Manifest Station, Heavy Feather Review, South Broadway Ghost Society, Punch Drunk Press, among others. She leads monthly generative writing workshops and hosts the event, “listen to your skin: an erotic open-mic series” (last Sunday of each month). She wears welts from the Bible Belt, and is currently editing Take The Fruit, Flood The Desert: A Religious Trauma Abuse Anthology. She’s working on a manuscript, Also Arc, Also Offering, a Southern-queerdo memoir. Find her on IG at sister_rainbow_scream or visit her website, sisterrainbowscream.com.

Tameca L Coleman is a singer, multi-genre writer, itinerant nerd and point and shoot art
dabbler in Denver Colorado. Their work explores heartbreak and healing, finding the
words for our experiences, familial estrangement, being ‘in-between’ things, finding
beauty, even during times of strife, and movement towards reconciliation. Their writings
have been published in pulpmouth, Rigorous Magazine, Inverted Syntax, Full Stop Reviews, Heavy Feather Review, Lambda Literary, and more. Their photography has
been featured in literary magazines and other venues. Their debut book ‘an
identity polyptych’ will be available September 2021 from The Elephants on the Salish
Sea. For more information about Tameca’s work, follow them on social media at

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