FBomb Dispatch: November and the Future of the FBomb

Dear Readers and Loyal FBombers,

Due to circumstances beyond our control, we must regretfully cancel the November 13 FBomb reading. Unfortunately, that means no more FBombs for 2021; we are regrouping for next year’s series.

As many of you know, our long-time venue Mercury Café recently changed ownership, and the FBomb would need to become a ticketed event in order to continue at The Merc. The FBomb has always been a free event and we want to maintain that, so we thank The Merc for its many years of support and wish them the best.

So what does that mean for the future of the FBomb? Well, in the short term it means that we will be returning to Zoom for our events. We’ve had some fun ZoomBombs, and it has allowed a number of participants from around the US (and elsewhere!) to share their work with our unique audience. In the long-term, we’re looking for other venues that can host us. Suggestions are welcome; stage and alcohol service preferred! (Thanks to those of you who have suggested potential venues already—I’ll be reaching out in the coming weeks to follow up on those recommendations.)

As your faithful curator, I have tried to leave the choice of holding a live or virtual FBomb reading up to each individual host. Given that we don’t have a steady venue at the moment, that will continue into 2022. Some folks have suggested a year of trying out different venues—a sort of FBomb Tryout Tour. That means that our regularly scheduled third Tuesday of the month timeline could change, so please watch this space and our FBomb social media space for updates. The FBomb is hibernating for the rest of 2021, but we’ll be back soon with another batch of great readings in 2022. Stay tuned!

Nick Morris

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