February 15 F-Bomb: The 10,000th Anniversary! Hosted by Jonathan Bluebird Montgomery

Look, I know there has been some dispute lately of the actual age of the FBomb Flash Fiction reading. As far as we knew last year was the 100th Anniversary. As of then our earliest photographic evidence was of Nancy Stohlman hosting the event in 1921 at the Overlook Hotel. How could she appear in a photo from that long ago without any apparent aging, you ask? I don’t know, man, I guess she’s just a ghost or something, or in some kind of timewarp, or it’s just like a metaphor for history repeating itself.

But that doesn’t matter anymore, cuz just within the last twelve months Archeologists have uncovered evidence of Fbombs from as far back as 10,000 years ago. And not just one ancient Fbomb, but a continuous line of them cross-culturally throughout the centuries. If you thought the flash fiction genre was something that hadta be invented because of our waning attention spans in the modern age, you’re totally wrong. These findings prove that people have pretty much always wanted stories that were really really short.

This February we will celebrate the ten millennia… (what’s that? oh right, yeah, there is a fringe group who believes the FBomb was only started 9 years ago, but we can just ignore those anti-Archeology conspiracy theorists.) So yes, we will celebrate 10,000 years of FBomb this month. We are still venue homeless, and must once again do the event virtually, but you can take heart in the fact that we now know several whole eras of the FBomb were actually done solely on Zoom. Genghis Khan did them online. So did Queen Victoria. It’s a cyclical thing.

So join us with your stories of what the FBomb was like in all these different eras, or share anything you’ve written about an earlier time period. The feature this month will be History itself.

Follow this link when the time comes… https://frontrange-edu.zoom.us/j/4811678862

Jonathan Bluebird Montgomery

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