The Unbirthday FBomb, Aka FBomb Goes to Wonderland–Hosted by Lynn Brewer, Featuring Kit Tara Eret and Yrik-Max Valentonis

Calling all Artistic Alices, all White Rabbit writers, calling all Cheshire Cat scribes, all March Hare bards, calling all Doormouse wordsmiths, all Mad Hatter authors, all Smoking Caterpillar poets!

This June 21st at 7 PM, the Fbomb Flash Fiction Reading Series is gathering to cheer everyone’s UNbirthday at a virtual UNbirthday party in Wonderland! Join host Lynn Brewer and feature readers Kit Tara Eret and Yrik-Max Valentonis for a Zoom reading on the summer solstice and spend the longest day of the year celebrating all our unbirthdays with a trip to the Wonderland of our writing.

Tell us the story about your first trip to Wonderland. Share the memoir chapter of your favorite encounter with Tweedledee and Tweedledum. Write a poem about the time you hung out at a sushi bar with the Walrus and the Carpenter, or a flash fiction story that settles the ultimate question – who stole the Queen of Heart’s tarts?

The open mic awaits you in 3-4 minutes spots with signups available beginning at 6:45pm.

Featured Reader Kit Tara Eret writes fiction and poetry of the fantastic and sensual imagination. She caught the writing bug after reading Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series when she was 12. Since then, she’s been published in several magazines including The Quantum Muse, Aoife’s Kiss, Drabbler, Scifiakuest, Circlet Press, and Cliterature Journal. She even has self-published erotica. To improve her craft, Kit has graduated from the writing workshops Taos Toolbox and Paradise Lost. When not writing, Kit binges on sci-fi shows she swore she’d hate, reads not enough sci-fi novels, and gets fur on her dresses when she cuddles with her two cats.

Yrik-Max Valentonis wanders through the urban landscape seeking out fairy circles. He makes puppets so other people can see his imaginary friends. He steals apples to justify his philosophy. He is Baba Yaga’s favorite grandson. His works appeared frequently in Cliterature. Through editorial correspondences Max and Lynn discovered that not only were they both Naropa Alum, they were also twins. He is the author of 120 Days of Gomorrah and Cranium Theatre and the chapbooks, iDEAL and this is visual poetry. He earned a BA in English & American Literature from the University of South Florida and a MFA in Poetry & Prose from Naropa University.

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