March F-Bomb: Tuesday 3/21 at The Mercury Cafe, Hosted by Lynn Brewer

The F-Bomb returns to The Mercury Cafe again on Tuesday March 21, starting at 7:30 PM. Open mic sign-up starts around 7:00. Since we’re not having a feature this month, open mic readers will get a 6-7 minute spot, instead of our typical 4-5 minute spots. Admission is free, but we encourage you to contribute when we pass a hat for The Merc.

Lynn Brewer will host, and our theme for this month is Spring Break. Please join us if you can!

Host Lynn Brewer is a writer living near Denver. Her first novel was so blasphemous she had to self-publish “She Bears a King,” the story of one ordinary woman who gets impregnated by Jesus Christ—only this Christ is a gay celebrity living the elite life in Hollywood. In 2006, Lynn founded Cliterature Journal and went on to edit and publish more than fifty issues over 14 years. The bastard literary child of Sylvia Plath and Jack Kerouac, her writing oscillates from the hilarious to the tragic, often in the same sentence.


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