July 16: Host David S. Atkinson and featuring Karen Stefano!

All shows begin at 7:30 at The Mercury Cafe, 2199 California Street, Denver

Memory, Prophecy, and Fantasy

Clive Barker introduces his novel Everville with the lines “Memory, prophecy, and fantasy—the past, the future, and the dreaming moment between—are all in one country, living one immortal day. To know that is Wisdom. To use it is the Art.” Fbomb is like that in a way, given that every event is a collection of our writing thinking its way into the future informed by the past events of the series. David S. Atkinson first came to the Fbomb in August of 2015 when Karen Stefano was one of the featured readers and this month has an opportunity to bring that all full circle by inviting Karen back to share from her new book, What A Body Remembers: A Memoir of Sexual Assault and Its Aftermath. We also invite all of you to join us Tuesday July 16 at the Mercury Café to listen and/or share your own works of memory, prophecy, and fantasy.

IMG_0599Host David S. Atkinson! David S. Atkinson is the author of books such as “Roses are Red, Violets are Stealing Loose Change from my Pockets While I Sleep,” “Apocalypse All the Time,” and the Nebraska book award winning “Not Quite so Stories.” He is a Prose Assistant Editor for “Digging Through The Fat” and his writing appears in “Spelk,” “Jellyfish Review,” “Thrice Fiction,” “Literary Orphans,” and more. His writing website is http://davidsatkinsonwriting.com/


KarenStefanoFeaturing Karen Stefano! Karen Stefano is the author of “What a Body Remembers: A Memoir of Sexual Assault And Its Aftermath” (Rare Bird Books, June 11, 2019), the short story collection “The Secret Games of Words” (1GlimpsePress, 2015), and the how-to business writing guide “Before Hitting Send” (Dearborn 2011). Her work has appeared in Ms. Magazine, California Lawyer, Psychology Today, The Rumpus, The South Carolina Review, Tampa Review, Epiphany, and elsewhere. She is also a JD/MBA with more than 20 years of complex litigation experience. To learn more about Karen Stefano and her writing, please visit http://stefanokaren.com/.

June 18: Host Roseanna Frechette and featuring Susan Froyd, Jeff Campbell, and David Heska Wanbli Weiden!

All shows begin at 7:30 at the Mercury Cafe, 2199 California Street, Denver

roseanna.BioPicHost Roseanna Frechette!  Roseanna Frechetteis in love with words. Written. Spoken. Published. Or not. It’s all about words on page and energy on stage. Longtime member of Denver’s thriving literary community and former publisher of Rosebud Forum magazine, Roseanna believes in the power of small press and all things alternative and independent when it comes to art. Her writing has appeared on the pages of many small press publications including Lummox, Blink-Ink, Mad Blood, Punch Drunk, Semicolon, and Prairie Smoke Anthology. Featured on a variety of regional stages including Arise Music Festival, Colorado Poetry Rodeo, and Boulder Fringe Festival, she’s a guest host for Mercury Café’s Jam Before the Slam and a respected participant in the open mic scenes of Denver and Boulder. Roseanna’s integrative style reflects both a respectful love of nature and a bohemian appreciation for urban culture. She holds great passion for the beauty of creativity…expressed…live.

Susan Froyd bio picFeaturing Susan Froyd! Susan Froyd started writing for Westword as the “Thrills Editor” in 1992 and never quite left the fold. These days she still freelances for the paper as an arts writer, in addition to walking her dogs, enjoying cheap ethnic food and reading voraciously. She’s also a slave to pop culture and every kind of music, and sometimes she writes poetry.



weiden.biopicFeaturing David Heska Wanbli Weiden! David Heska Wanbli Weiden,, an enrolled member of the Sicangu Lakota nation, is Associate Professor of Native American Studies at Metropolitan State University of Denver. He received his MFA in Creative Writing from the Institute of American Indian Arts and his Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Austin. He’s an alumnus of VONA and the Tin House Summer Workshop, and is a 2018 MacDowell Colony Fellow. He received the 2018 PEN America Writing for Justice Fellowship. His novel WINTER COUNTS is forthcoming in 2020 from Ecco/HarperCollins, as is the second book in the series, WOUNDED HORSE. WINTER COUNTS is the story of a local Native American enforcer on the Rosebud Indian Reservation who becomes obsessed with finding and stopping the dealer who is bringing increasingly dangerous drugs into his community. It’s a Native thriller, an examination of the broken criminal justice system on reservations, and a meditation on Native identity. www.DavidWeiden.com @WanbliWeiden

JeffCampbell.biopicFeaturing Jeff Campbell! Jeff Campbell has been a part of Denver’s creative community for over two decades, as a pioneering Hip Hop and spoken word artist, as well as a facilitator of arts in education programs for Colorado’s youth in public schools. In 2015, He was named one of Westword’s 100 Colorado Creative’s. He is also the writer of the critically acclaimed “Who Killed Jigaboo Jones?” a One Man Mockumentary on the Hip Hop Industrial Complex, and also “Honorable Disorder” the story of an Iraq war veteran from 5 Points, battling PTSD, and readjusting to civilian life. His brand of ​“Post Hip Hop Expressionism’​flows from the influence of the culture, without having to conform to its conventional identity. His work is rooted in social commentary from his own personal experience.

May 21: Host Jay Halsey and featuring Byron F. Aspaas and Mairead Case!

All shows begin at 7:30 at The Mercury Cafe, 2199 California Street, Denver.

Jay Halsey FbombHost Jay Halsey! Jay Halsey moved to the Denver area twelve years ago and soon after his prose, poems, and photos were being published in several online and print journals and a handful of anthologies. In 2018, his writing was nominated for a Best of the Net award and a Pushcart Prize. His photography has been used as cover art for poetry collections and novels, featured in fundraising campaigns for the Rocky Mountain Land Library in Fairplay, Colorado, and was part of a touring exhibit featured at libraries and bookstores throughout France to represent Editions Gallmeister’s American authors.

Byron Aspaas PicFeaturing Byron F. Aspaas! Byron F. Aspaas uses images of landscape, etched onto white space, to create experience. He is Diné. With a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Creative Writing from the Institute of American Indian Arts, Aspaas hopes to teach and become a storyteller, and influence those along his journey. His work is scattered throughout journals and anthologies. Amongst those are: RedInk, Yellow Medicine Review, 200 New Mexico Poems, Weber: The Contemporary West, As/Us: A Space for Women of the World, Semicolon, The Denver Quarterly, International Writing Program Collections, The Rumpus, and CloudThroat. He is Red Running into the Water; born for Bitter Water. He resides northeast of the Four Sacred Mountains with his partner, Seth Browder, their three cats, and six puppies. He is working on a collection of essays, short stories, and poems.

Mairead Case PicFeaturing Mairead Case! Mairead Case is a teacher, writer, and editor in Denver, Colorado. She publishes widely, and wrote the novel SEE YOU IN THE MORNING (featherproof), the poetry chapbook TENDERNESS (Meekling), the forthcoming novel TINY, and, with David Lasky, the forthcoming Georgetown Steam Plant Graphic Novel.  Mairead holds an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and a PhD from the University of Denver, and she teaches English full-time in DPS, and part-time at the Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics and the Denver Women’s Jail. She is a Legal Observer with the NLG and volunteers for a community response team supporting queer and trans survivors of violence. Previously Mairead lived in Chicago for a decade, where she worked and wrote for places like Pitchfork and the Poetry Foundation.

April 16: Host Kona Morris and featuring Nick Morris, Shelby Yaffe and David Yaffe!

All Fbomb shows start at 7:30 at the Mercury Cafe,

2199 California Street, Denver


IMG_1586Host Kona Morris! Kona Morris is proud to be one of the original members of F-Bomb. She’s from the foggy redwood coast of Humboldt County and hasn’t stopped traveling the globe since she left. Kona was co-founder and editor of Fast Forward Press, as well as founder and writer of the satirical comic book company Godless Comics. She has been featured as a writer and editor at literary events and conferences across the country, and her stories have appeared in a variety of publications. Kona currently teaches letter regurgitation to college students in Denver, where she also dabbles in stand-up comedy, performs live drunk history lectures, and is the lone minister of the Secular Humanist Church of Freddie Mercury.  konamorris.com / godlesscomics.com

NM at the FbombFeaturing Nick Morris! Nick Morris is the F-Bombingest F-Bomber who ever did F-Bomb, having only missed reading once in over six years. His work has been published online and in print in journals like Fast Forward, Cliterature, Danse Macabre, Connotation Press, and the Prose Podcast. He’s a professor of Humanities and the Community College of Denver, where he talks about Batman, rock’n’roll, and how women should have more pockets in their clothing under the guise of higher education. He’s originally from Arkansas, but lives and loves in the Mile High City with his partner Alyssa Piccinni.

image1Featuring Shelby Yaffe! Shelby Yaffe is a queer author, poet, and singer-songwriter living in Denver. Her work has been featured or is forthcoming in the Fast Forward Anthology Flash 101: Surviving the Fiction Apocalypse, Suspect Press, and South Broadway Ghost Society. Her poetry is also featured on a continuing basis in a collaborative art project with Kate Carlton Photography, an award-winning photographer based in Colorado Springs. You can pay Shelby to write a poem for your girlfriend at: shelbyyaffe.com.

FB_IMG_1552868265866Featuring David Yaffe! David Yaffe is a Denver native who remembers “how it used to be.” He is a medical auditor and father of two amazing boys. David also blogs about motorcycles and navigating issues around depression and doing his best not to commit suicide. You can find David’s blog at: https://ridetogetherblog.wordpress.com






March 19: Host Leah Rogin-Roper, and featuring Barbara Henning, Maureen Owen, and Crisosto Apache!

All shows begin at 7:30 at the Mercury Cafe, 2199 California Street, Denver.

The theme is “Three.” All open mics will be 3:33 time limit–closest to limit without going over might get a prize!

Host Leah Rogin-Roper! Read about Leah in Westword here:


CApache-self hi-resFeaturing Crisosto Apache! Crisosto Apache, is the author of GENESIS (Lost Alphabet). He is originally from Mescalero, New Mexico (US), on the Mescalero Apache Reservation, and currently lives in the Denver metro area in Colorado, with his spouse of seventeen years. He is Mescalero Apache, Chiricahua Apache, and Diné (Navajo) of the ‘Áshįįhí (Salt Clan) born for the Kinyaa’áanii (Towering House Clan). He holds an MFA in Creative Writing and teaches writing at various colleges in the Denver area. He also continues his advocacy work for the Native American LGBTQ / two-spirit identity.

His recent work can be seen in POETRY Magazine (June 2018 edition), The RumpusLoch Raven Review, and RED INK Magazine (Spring 2019 edition).

Photo Credit Todd Andreff (Spouse)

Featuring Maureen Owen and Barbara Henning! Maureen Owen and Barbara Henning are finishing their reading road trip with their last stop in Denver at Mercury Cafe for “F Bomb Series,” where they will be reading prose.   They started in New York City, reading for Belladonna Series on Jan 18, 2019.  Then they read in Washington DC, Pensacola, Mobile, New Orleans, Austin, Albuquerque, Tucson, San Diego, LA and San Francisco, a total of 16 readings.  See the story of their journey on their blog (and their agenda) athttp://barbarahenning.com/category/maureenowen/

S0892946 Barbara HenningBarbara Henning is the author of four novels and seven collections of poetry and shorter prose. Most recent books are a novel, Just Like That (Spuyten Duyvil) and a book of poetry, A Day Like Today (Negative Capability Press). She is also the editor of a book of interviews, Looking Up Harryette Mullen, and The Collected Prose of Bobbie Louise Hawkins. Barbara lives in Brooklyn, has taught for Naropa University and Long Island University where she is Professor Emerita. Her website isbarbarahenning.com and readings can be found on PennSound.

Maureen OwenMaureen Owen’s most recent book is Edges of Water, Chax Press. Other books include: Erosion’s Pull, Coffee House Press, finalist for the Colorado Book Award; American Rush: Selected Poems, finalist for the L.A. Times Book Prize; and AE (Amelia Earhart), Before Columbus American Book Award.  She was the publisher and editor of Telephone Magazine/Telephone Books. Maureen lives in Denver and has taught for Naropa University.  Her readings can be found on PennSound.

Feb 19: Host Carol Covington and featuring Alexandra Jackson!

All shows begin at 7:30 at The Mercury Cafe, 2199 California Street, Denver

(February will be the Fbomb’s 6th Anniversary!)

FBOmb! (1)

carol 2Host Carol Covington! Carol is an English major attending MSU, She is a storyteller and poet. The best of her life occurs every day. Carol writes about her life , the good the bad and the bs in between.

alexandraFeaturing Alexandra Jackson! Alexandra Jackson!holds a Bachelors of arts and a Masters of Social work. She hopes to bridge her MSW with her passion of creative writing to increase self-expression and self-esteem while breaking down systematic barriers for marginalized communities. You can find two of her published poems, Blacked out and In Real Life, in the anthology, Still Coming Home (Colorado Humanities, 2018). Her works look at the storage of trauma in the biopsychosocial body and the release through anti-oppressive work and counter-narratives.

January 15: Shark Night at the Fbomb! With host Karl Fischer and featuring Tameca L Coleman!

All shows begin at 7:30 at The Mercury Cafe, 2199 California Street, Denver.

KarlHost Karl Fischer! Karl Fischer may or may not be three sharks in a trench coat. He will occasionally write something. He lives in Longmont, CO and co-manages Excession Press LLC with his wife, Whitney Fischer, and their two mini sharks (who look suspiciously like dogs).







Featuring Tameca L Coleman! Tameca L Coleman is not smiling for you. These teeth rise up out of their depths, tricking bigger sharks with a glimmer, latches on and spins a suctioned mouth into their flesh; once thought food, leaves a mark. These teeth got you! Punching up, returns tomorrow, even if you’re a goddamned submarine.

2019 Fbomb Schedule Announced!

2019 Schedule announced!

January 15: SHARK NIGHT with Host Karl Fisher and feature TBA

February 19: Host Carol Covington!

March 19: Host Leah Rogin-Roper and featuring Barbara Henning!

April 16: Host Kona Morris!

May 21: Host Jay Halsey!

June 18: Host Roseanna Frechette!

July 16: Host David S. Atkinson!

August 13: Host Kathy Fish! *This Fbomb is on the 2nd Tuesday instead of the usual 3rd

Sept 17: Host Shelby Yaffe!

Oct 15: Host Punketry!

Nov 19: Host Nick Morris!

Happy Holidays everyone! See you in 2019!



Nov 20: Host Nancy Stohlman and featuring Jonny “Bluebird” Montgomery and Steven “Fatback Freddy” Dunn!

All Fbomb shows start at 7:30 at the Mercury Cafe,

2199 California Street, Denver

November 20: Last Fbomb of 2018!

boxing fbomb crop

nancyHost Nancy Stohlman! Nancy Stohlman is the founder and curator of the Fbomb Flash Fiction Series circa 2013 and counting! Her books include Madam Velvet’s Cabaret of OdditiesThe Vixen Scream and Other Bible StoriesThe Monster Opera, and Fast Forward: The Mix Tape, a finalist for a 2011 Colorado Book Award. Her work was recently anthologized in the WW Norton anthology New Micro: Very Short Stories, and she teaches at the University of Colorado Boulder. www.nancystohlman.com




Featuring Jonathan Montgomery! Jonathan ‘Bluebird’ Montgomery was born in 1980 in Akron, Ohio. He’s a graduate of Sarah Lawrence College and Naropa University’s Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics. His books include Taxis & Shit, Pizzas and Mermaid, and new novel The Reality Traveler. He lives in Boulder, Colorado.



stevenFeaturing Steven Dunn and his new book Water and Power! Steven Dunn is the author of two novels, Potted Meat and water & power. Some of his work can be found in Granta and Best Small Fictions. He was born and raised in West Virginia.



Oct 16: Hosts Girls Just Wanna Have Us and featuring Nancy Stohlman!

All shows start at 7:30 at the Mercury Cafe, 2199 California Street, Denver

Will the REAL Fbomb Host please stand up??

Theme: No One Can Agree on Who Kona Picked to Sub for Her

girlsHosts Girls Just Wanna Have Us! Girls Just Wanna Have Us is a flash rock band, comprised of Daryl Gent in the Car, Hall-an and John(athan) Oates Montgomery. If flash fiction tells a story in 1000 words or less, they attempt to cover songs from the 1980s in 1000 heartbreaks or less, 3 chords or less, 2 instruments or less, 1 rehearsal or less. When an Fbomb host suddenly has to cancel at the last minute, they are the only ones flexible, courageous, and beloved enough to replace them.

nancyFeaturing Nancy Stohlman and her book Madam Velvet’s Cabaret of Oddities! Nancy Stohlman is the founder and curator of the Fbomb Flash Fiction Series circa 2013 and counting! Tonight she will be releasing her new book, Madam Velvet’s Cabaret of Oddities! Her other books include The Vixen Scream and Other Bible StoriesThe Monster Opera, Searching for Suzi: a flash novel, and Fast Forward: The Mix Tape, a finalist for a 2011 Colorado Book Award. Her work was recently anthologized in the WW Norton anthology New Micro: Very Short Stories, and she teaches at the University of Colorado Boulder. www.nancystohlman.com