F-Bomb International: Dreams Across Borders

In order to take full advantage of our next Zoom reading, for the first time ever, F-Bomb will be hosting two featured readers in two different countries!! As we are all sheltering in place and dreaming of traveling, our theme this month is: Dreams Across Borders.
dream of travel
Please join us for this special event, and note the time is a bit earlier than usual since 6:00pm will be 2:00am for our features, Naniso Tswai in Berlin and Monique Antonette Lewis in Versailles.
This event is also special as we are brining together three different reading series!! Naniso is the founder of Berlin Spoken Word and Monique is the founder of At The Inkwell.
As always, we will have 3-5 minute open mic slots available. Please send the host Kona Morris an email with the subject “F-Bomb Open Mic” to sign up (kona.morris@gmail.com). We would like to include Open Mic readers from around the world, so please share!
Zoom Meeting details:
Tuesday, May 19th
6:00pm (MST)
(2:00am on May 20th in Germany and France)
Zoom Meeting ID: 825 2885 4334
Zoom Meeting Password: 478472
Join Zoom Meeting:


Naniso Tswai is a Berlin-based author, academic, and spoken word performer. His work is strongly embedded in broader issues of justice and peace, particularly as these relate to justice and identity. He is the founder of Berlin Spoken Word (BSW) and Wicked Projects. Both projects aim to contribute to the intersection between art and politics, and make an impact in our immediate communities. Originally from South Africa, politics has never been far from his thoughts, spoken word being a vessel through which he is able to explore and make sense of the world around him.


Monique Antonette Lewis is the founder of At The Inkwell. Her flash fiction and essays have appeared in My Body, My WordsAmerican Writers Review (Summer 2018), Polarity eMagazine (Winter 2017), PoetryBay (Fall/Winter 2016), Fused Society and the digital storytelling project, The Afterlife of Discarded Objects: Memory and Forgetting in a Culture of Waste

Monique has read her writing across the U.S. notably for This is My Brave, a national U.S.-based storytelling series ( New York City, 2015), and Mortified, an international podcast and live show (Boulder & Denver, Colorado, 2015). She was the principal organizer of the annual Denver Lit Crawl festival (2016-2018), read submissions for the James Jones First Novel Fellowship (2011-2018), served on the board of the New York Writers Workshop (2012-2015), and previously taught fiction workshops in New York City. She was also the fiction editor for City Lit Rag (2014).

A former journalist for 14 years, Monique’s articles have appeared in MergermarketDealreporter, Agence France-Presse, the Financial Times, ForbesHuffPostPress & Sun-Bulletin (Binghamton, New York), The Daily Times (Salisbury, Maryland) and more. Monique has an M.A. and M.F.A. in Creative Writing from Wilkes University, and a B.A. in Journalism from Colorado State University. She is currently the MBA Communications Program Manager for HEC Paris and lives in Versailles, France.


Kona Cage

Kona Morris is proud to be one of the original members of F-Bomb! She’s from the foggy redwood coast of Humboldt County and hasn’t stopped traveling the globe since she left. Kona was co-founder and editor of Fast Forward Press, as well as founder and writer of the satirical comic book company Godless Comics. She has been featured as a writer and editor at literary events and conferences across the country, and her stories have appeared in a variety of publications. Kona currently teaches letter regurgitation to college students in Denver, where she also dabbles in stand-up comedy, performs live Drunk History lectures, and is the lone minister of the Secular Humanist Church of Freddie Mercury.  konamorris.com / godlesscomics.com

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