UPDATE: June F-Bomb to Remain Virtual

UPDATE: The June F-Bomb will take place virtually instead of returning to the Mercury Cafe. Those who wish to participate in our open mic reading should contact host Nick Morris through the Facebook Event page. While we’re not entirely sure what this reading will look like yet, we will try to accommodate open mic readers in both the live and home venues.

Meeting Topic: June F-Bomb

Password: 2FUm58

Numeric Password: 270053

Invitation Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83267997416?pwd=U083Y3ZqSnBwR0FPQjhzWFl4VCtVUT09



NM at the Fbomb

HOST NICK MORRIS is a writer, musician, and teacher in Denver, CO. He has been involved with the F-Bomb Reading Series since the beginning. His work has appeared in Cliterature, Connotation Press, Danse Macabre Online, Nebo, and elsewhere. He also serves as the Dungeon Master for the podcast We Slay Things. He teaches Humanities, Literature, and English and the Community College of Denver, and lives with his partner Alyssa in the lovely Mile High City.


Featured reader Heather Bauer is 46 years old and has two adults, Nathan (23) Abby (21) she also gets to be Nonna to Lyle James and Amelia Rey. She has a wicked sense of humor and loves yoga. She mixes spirituality with a healthy dose of Buddhism and Witchcraft. She recently graduated from Community College of Denver with an Associate of Arts. She is transferring to Naropa University in the Fall where she will major in Interdisciplinary Studies for her bachelor’s degree. Heather has been writing creative non-fiction since 2013. She currently resides in the Denver area with her brood and works at a metaphysical shop.

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