F-Bomb’s “100th” Anniversary Reading, Hosted by Jonathan Montgomery

Come celebrate the FBomb’s “100th Anniversary!”

Hosted by Jonathan Bluebird Montgomery

FBomb All-Stars will recount the history of the lonnng running flash fiction series Featuring…
* 20’s – Stina French
* 30’s – Nick Morris
* 40’s – Shelby Yaffe
* 50’s – Nancy Stohlman
* 60’s – Carol Covington
* 70’s – Rob Geisen
* 80’s – Michael Killman
* 90’s – Meg Tuite
* 00’s – Krystal Summers
* 10’s – Jamey Trotter
* The Future – Kona Morris

With 3 minute open mic slots (sign up at the event) for you to read about your favorite decade or even the present! Don’t miss this once in a century event! Join us on Zoom at 7:30 PM MST at this link.

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