April 20 F-Bomb: The Stoner Bomb Featuring Teague von Bohlen, Hosted by Jamey Trotter

Go ahead and bogart the goddamn joint because we’re still on zoom…
Zoom Link: https://arapahoe-edu.zoom.us/j/4223961869  
or, Zoom Code: 422 396 1869

Join us on Tuesday 4/20 @ 7:30pm MST for the first ever STONER BOMB!

Email the host in advance for a 5-minute open mic slot: jameytrotter2000@yahoo.com.

In case you’re high reading this, let us spell out this month’s theme for you: W-E-E-D. Of course, we will still enjoy your high-literary pieces too (pun! oioioioioioioioioi), and you can read whatever the goddamn fuck you want as long as it is flash fiction and under 5 minutes, but why not seize (like the DEA) this opportunity to share your green adventures? We hear you, isn’t every FBomb a stoney experience? For many, yes. Yes it is. In the old days, you could smell intermission down at Union Station.

Need another theme? You could also write about tacos because not only is it 4/20, it’s also Taco Tuesday.

(We are indeed consciously avoiding all the absolutely terrible shit that has occurred on this holiest of all holy holidays.)

OUR FEATURED READER is Friend of the FBomb and friend to so many of us Denver community writers, Westword Lead Man, TEAGUE MOTHERFUCKIN’ BOHLEN!!!

Teague’s latest collection of flash, Flatland, is available at Amazon and on your mom’s coffee table because he was nice enough to give her a signed copy after he laid the pipe.

We’ll not mention Teague’s other professional roles so as to not tarnish his elite standing in certain ivied halls with this reading of ill repute.

Suffice to say, the FBomb owes Teague a bunch of support (and ink)—let’s smoke that hawgleg, eat that brownie, suck down that gravity bong – and uh read or some shit, what the fuck was I saying?

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